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DAILY GOLF™ The Daily Roll Putting Aid

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Product Dimensions:
38″ Long X 6″ Wide X 1/4″ Height
-w/ 1″wide track
-w/ non-skid pads attached

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13 reviews for DAILY GOLF™ The Daily Roll Putting Aid

  1. Larry

    Putting is 43% of your score, so why not improve on the most important and easiest way to lower your score. The daily roll does just that is why I gave it 5 stars!

  2. Mike R

    I think this is a fantastic aid to help every golfer hit their marks!
    A must have for golfers of all skill levels!

  3. JackR

    The Daily Roll has helped me to control the putter face to make square contact and hit my mark on the greens. The results have been Awesome! This is a must have for all golfers that want to make more putts.

  4. Bill E. Ridge,NY

    I can’t praise this product enough! I considered myself a pretty good putter, but since purchasing the Daily Roll, it has taken me to the next level, doesn’t matter the putt length, by following the guidelines it has me consistently stroking the putt on a true line (a must have)

  5. Bill Hansen

    The perfect training tool. Simple and effective! I use this all the time; at home & in the office. It really helps you hit your putt straight and consistent every time. I was a guy that was always worried about the “easy” 4-8 footers, not anymore! I feel confident when I’m on the course and it shows on the score card!!

  6. Kyle W

    Perfect tool for the office, practice those putts in-between meetings! The Daily Roll has helped me improve my ball address and putting stroke. Instant feedback – highly recommend!

  7. David Tracy

    What a great tool! There is no lying with this thing. If ya hit a crappy putt you’re gonna know about it. Great idea!

  8. russ venti

    Russ – San Diego CA My biggest challenge was losing strokes on the green. Frustrating , we have all lived that . Daily Roll helped me be more consistent and confident . The simple but reinforcing practice helps me enjoy the game even more.

  9. KW

    Yea baby!! Love the Daily Roll. Stealing 1 putts and winning low putts with my boys on Sundays. A must have for everyone!!

  10. Pete from Holbrook

    This tool has helped me with my eye to hand to ball stroke. Perfect practice for the short putts, which are the hardest for me. Easy to use at home to improve your putting. Highly recommend this tool!

  11. Cristy Jurgens- Class A, LPGA Teaching Professional

    It is a great putting tool to instill a straight back straight through putting stroke, which I like to teach. Great for muscle memory, without having to find a putting green to work on. Use this 5 minutes a day to see results!

  12. Patrick Colwell

    Wow! Very nicely thought out. I am a guy who misses so many short putts and longer putts when my line is off just a little. After using it just 2 weeks I have already knocked off strokes. Great design and had it set up and using in 60 seconds.

  13. Scott Daugherty

    Simple but brilliant! The Daily Roll has added consistency to my putting. Highly recommended.

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